Hand Finished Comforter, 8/26


Hand Finished Comforter, 8/26

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with Sherri Lynn Wood

Sunday August 26th, 10-5

Limit 12 people

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Learn all the hand skills necessary to turn your patchwork or whole cloth top into a functional quilted comforter. You may choose to bring a completed lap-sized patchwork top, or work with a whole cloth top, or seam up a simple two or three piece top at the start of the workshop. Basting, marking, hand-quilting, and a hand-finished fold over binding technique will be demonstrated. The main focus will be on a variety of creative ways for tying-tacking-tufting, your quilt top for a cozy, modern, quick & easy finish! *

* Due to the length of this workshop we will be taking a short lunch break. Please bring a bagged lunch or there are also a few walkable options near the studio. Light snacks and drinks will also be served. 

If you are interested in joining us for both Improv Patchwork Doodle 7/29 and Hand Finished Comforter 8/26 please choose that option at checkout and you will receive a $20 discount. 

Tools & Supplies:

- 6” to 8” dress making shears/scissors (make sure they are sharp)

- 6” wide quilter’s ruler (square or rectangular) or cardboard for making a marking template.

- Tailor’s chalk

- Pins

- Sewing machine with extension chord (8 available in class and only necessary if you are piecing your top or back) 

- Medium gray thread (blends with a range of fabrics)

- Large eye embroidery needles (will be provided in class)

- Thimble (optional)

- Large oval or round quilting hoop (optional) Hand-quilting will be demonstrated for those who want to learn but our focus for a fast finish will be tying/tacking/tufting – three ways of describing the same technique.


- Quilt Top Options

- Small to medium size pieced quilt top

- Whole cloth quilt top – 1 ¾ yd of  56” wide linen would work well

- Simply pieced quilt top – 2 to 4 large scraps that can be peiced with 2-5 seams a top approximately 50” x 62” or smaller.

- Quilt Back Options – must be 5”- 6” wider and longer than your quilt top

- For a quilt top 50” x 62” you will need 2 yds of 56” wide fabric or 3 yrds of 45” wide fabric

- Simply pieced quilt back – 2 to 4 large scraps that can be pieced 56” x 68” or smaller (but at least 5”- 6” larger than your quilt top).

- Batting – a medium to hight loft quilt batting. I highly recommend Fairfield Natural Wool – which will be available for purchase by the yard during class. Or you can use an old comforter or mattress pad that still has some life in it! 

- Yarn for tying:

Wool, for a felted fuzzy ball look (my preference). Must be natural fiber that will felt with washing. Superwash wool or polyester is NOT suitable. Fingering to Worsted weights can work. Mid-range Sport or DK recommended. Amounts vary according to size of quilt and how many ties, but a skein of yarn will be more than enough. Don’t be afraid to bring knitting yarn left-overs for multi-colored ties.

Cotton Embroidery floss, for a tassle like look. Must be 100% cotton, 6-8 skeins will likely be more than enough for a medium to small quilt. Again consider using embroidery floss leftovers for a multi-color effect, or buy multiple colors if buying new.

Optional decorative tying embelishments would include using small discs of wool felt or buttons to combine with the yarn or cotton floss. 

- #8 perle cotton for hand quilting and to hand stitch the fold-over binding. Choose something that blends or contrasts with your quilt back (or quilt top if you are hand quilting it). Many color options available at Lacis in Berkeley.

Please be on time! Since we will be working as a community, it’s important not to hold up the rest of your class mates, and there won’t be an opportunity to repeat information for latecomers. If you need to leave early that’s okay. You can bow out after any of the rounds without disruption to the flow of the class. 

Sherri Lynn Wood is the recipient of a Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant for Painters and Sculptors, two MacDowell Colony Fellowships, as well as arts residencies at the Headlands Center for the Arts, Blue Mountain Center, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and most recently at Recology San Francisco in 2016. An interdisciplinary artist based in Oakland, CA, she has exhibited and performed locally at The Lab, Southern Exposure, Adobe Books and the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Folk Art. She holds an MFA from Bard College and a Masters of Theological Studies from Emory University.

Her 2015 publication The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters: A Guide to Creating, Quilting & Living Courageously (Abrams) provides frameworks for creative exploration, along with practical instruction in stitching techniques and color theory.  Sherri teaches and speaks about improvisational patchwork and flexible patterning at art and craft schools, guilds, and conferences nationally and abroad. See more about Sherri HERE and @sherrilynnwood